Company Overview

SNO is dedicated to providing custom software solutions for both commercial and public sectors. We specialize in web and mobile development, cloud migration, modernization, cybersecurity, and salesforce. Our team of expert developers and designers have years of experience in product design and user experience, ensuring that our software solutions are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. We have a proven track record of delivering top-notch software products that meet our clients' unique business requirements while ensuring a high-quality user experience. With our focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, we stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive software development industry, ensuring that our customers always receive the most advanced and effective solutions.

Debbie Rieger

EVP, Contracts & Strategy

As SNO’s EVP, Debbie brings hands-on knowledge of all functional requirements for Government Contractors in Contracts, Accounting, Human Resources, Business Development, Security, M&A activities, and overall business strategy to our leadership team.

Abhi (AP) Patwardhan


As SNO’s president, Abhi is responsible for developing the company’s strategic vision and leading its dynamic team.

Abhijit (AW) Walvekar

Chief Operating Officer

As SNO’s COO, Abhijit is responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic vision to become the leading provider of IT related services and products in both the federal and commercial sectors.

Grant Joseph

Director, Product Design

As SNO's Director of Applications and Product Design, Grant takes the helm of innovation and user experience, driving the development of cutting-edge applications and product designs.


The Name SNO

Just like how snowflakes are each uniquely formed with intricate patterns that cannot be replicated, the solutions we provide are unique in their approach and tailored specifically to the customer or organization's needs. The beauty and complexity of snowflakes reflect the creativity and innovation that goes into the solutions we provide. No two snowflakes are alike, and no two solutions we build will be exactly the same.

Hands On Innovation

Hands-on Innovation makes for a striking and memorable Brand Essence for SNO. It’s rooted in our technical experience and expertise, while acknowledging our involvement with and commitment to the working process. The combination of Vision and Pragmatism create a compelling and competitive sales proposition.

Federal Customers

Commercial Customers