DocuSign and Box

DocuSign and Box

Digitizing paper agreements and contracts have become a necessity in today’s competitive world. DocuSign, which was initially known because of its eSignature software has now emerged as a digital transformation engine that helps businesses automate workflows. Box is well known today as a content management platform for sharing and collaboration.

On their own, these platforms offer a host of benefits, but when used together they can be symbiotic. Products such as DocuSign and Box reduce delays in closing deals, streamline agreements, and simplify the entire eSignature process. These digital platforms, when used together, ensure paperwork and human errors are avoided resulting in smooth and efficient deal closure.

DocuSign with Salesforce

The AppExchange package of DocuSign enables users to send, sign, and track agreements from any device. After the installed package is configured, agreements can be generated using inbuilt templates that are capable of capturing data from Salesforce records.

The application is Lightning ready and works with Sales Cloud,Salesforce CPQ, and Service Cloud. Features that enable users to trigger action, track status, and store agreements, ensures minimal intervention, enabling sales representatives to focus on lead generation and business development activities. Updates can be posted to Chatter to simplify tracking and signed agreements can be linked to the appropriateSalesforce records for reference.

RecipientNeed to SignDoc. SignedSender ‘DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ’ extension can be used along with Salesforce CPQ to send quotes for signature from CPQ quote documents. Some of the other products available for Salesforce include DocuSign CLM, DocuSign Negotiate, and DocuSign eSignature forSalesforce Essentials.

FedRAMP Compliance

DocuSign and Box platforms meet the stringent security and access control standards mandated by the Federal Risk and AuthorizationManagement Program (FedRAMP). As far as security incident reporting is concerned, both platforms are in compliance with the guidelines set by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).

Box for Salesforce

Box can be used as a platform to create, edit, and share content securely.Integrations are possible with several other systems and solutions are available for multiple industries and departments.Box for Salesforce tracking and signed agreements can be linked to the appropriateSalesforce records for reference.

Box centralizes content in an organized manner so that collaborators can work on the same file simultaneously. Ability to perform edits, add suggestions and comments, and availability of previous versions add to the advantages of the platform. Defining permissions ensures that only the right set of users access the data. The Box interface can be embedded with Salesforce records to quickly access content without leaving Salesforce.

Box + DocuSign - The Winning Combination

Box and DocuSign when used together ensures increased productivity and secure collaboration. Auto-Collab can be enabled to automatically add document viewers as collaborators. As DocuSign pulls data fromBox files and maintains version and transaction history throughout the sales cycle, users get better visibility into transactions, and the business is able to significantly reduce errors and cost.